Our services:

  • Handling of loads by crane
  • Pressure pitch works
  • Coordination and ship steering with nautical expertise in all kinds of projects
  • Provision of nautical personnel monitoring and safeguarding of ship loading and
    unloading operations
  • Ordering of agents, ships and helicopters in emergency situations
  • Nautical expertise for transport of large-scale equipment, modules and normal
    ship transport operations
  • Handling of official regulations relating to shipping issues
  • Monitoring of facilities and equipment (navigational aids, buoys and lights) installed
    in accordance with German waterways regulations
  • Transmission of warnings to ships and authorities in hazard situations Official
    declarations (customs, coastguard etc.)
  • Recording and analysis of weather forecasts and advice to ship captains on the assessment
    of weather forecasts
  • Heading of rescue operations (person overboard or evacuations)
  • Maintenance of on-board pharmacy and on-site sickness and accident certificates
  • Check of all nautical aids and rescue equipment to ensure completeness and
    readiness for use
  • Regular instruction and training in use of rescue equipment
  • Administrative tasks such as compiling of statistics and reports
  • Coordination of the erection and dismantling of offshore facilities
  • Coordination of safety and health measures (in accordance with German
    construction site regulations) RAB30 (SiGeKo)
  • Master mariners with deep-sea navigation certificate
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